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Take the next step with my in-depth initial consultation video series.. its free!

The consultation video series holds nothing back and takes you through exactly how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works so that you can make an informed choice as to if the therapy is right for you.

What you should expect from these videos

"The problem is that nobody knows exactly how it works and it's always daunting to commit physically, mentally and financially to something you know nothing about. Let me put your mind at rest so that you can feel confident you're making the right choice with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy" (Bobby Jon Hook)

Find out if Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is the right therapy for you

By the time you finish this mini series you will know if Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is something you think will help you. These videos have been created so that you can be confident in your decision to book further sessions.

Understand the theory behind the therapy

These videos are designed to teach you about yourself so you can understand what is happening inside your mind, what creates the emotional and physical responses and how you can get yourself back on track. Everything you will learn is backed up by brain based science. 

What to expect from a session

Every step of a session is explained. You will also understand what hypnosis is and how it works to help you feel better. 

Client Reviews

Real Stories

hypnotherapy cheltenham

After smoking for 14 years I went to see Bobby. After one session I haven't smoked again and that is 2 1/2 years ago. After such success with that I have seen Bobby for various other problem areas in life. He has always helped relieve stress and open to door to making better more positive decisions. Couldn't recommend him more highly for any issues you may be suffering. 

Peter Geddes

hypnotherapy cheltenham

I had been to a hypnotist before for anxiety but found them very unhelpful. Bobby however is brilliant! Makes you feel totally at ease from the moment you meet him. And I’m a completely different person now. He explains things in such a way that just makes sense of how your crazy brain is working. Definitely recommend to anyone that needs to change their way of thinking for whatever reason. 

Emma Ingram

hypnotherapy cheltenham

What can I say, this guy is amazing! He gave me the tools I needed to get me onto a sure footing. I cannot thank him enough. At 63 years of age you would think one would know better but he taught me so much. How I wish I'd met him years ago, my life would have made more sense. On I go into the future taking one day at a time, having fun but if not then knowing what to do to shift my thinking and feelings to a better place. 

Peter Scott-Jones

hypnotherapy in cheltenham

I am probably one of the biggest sceptics ever, but I had to stop smoking! I went to see Bobby with an open mind, this was my last chance and happily it worked. Only 5 weeks but I no longer think of smoking at those certain times, morning, after a meal or the last one before bedtime. I have not substituted a cigarette with anything else, it’s almost as though I’ve never smoked.  

Lyn Davison