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We can all experience sleepless nights at some point in our lives. This can happen due to many reasons. It is quite common to lose sleep over some temporary anxious situations or worries that you may have in life. However, if you are continually finding it difficult to sleep on a more regular basis perhaps, regularly waking up, tossing and turning in bed most of the night and waking the next day feeling run down or tired, then you could be suffering from insomnia.

Hypnotherapy For Insomnia

How if affects us


Constantly worrying about the lack of sleep or dreading the thought of going to bed at night because you know you wont be able to sleep. Finding it difficult to remember simple things, lack focus at work or at home.


A general feeling of heaviness slowing you down with a constant tiredness. A distinct lack of motivation to do anything. Irritation and grumpiness. Heightened levels of anxiety, anger or sadness


Self medicating with alcohol or drugs. Withdrawing from social events. Acting out of normal with no regular sleep pattern and napping in the day.


Fatigue leading to problems with concentration. Prolonged insomnia can lead to making mistakes or being more clumsy.

Types of insomnia

TAKING the guess work out

Acute insomnia is a short period of time where someone would have difficulty sleeping. Acute insomnia is usually caused by life events, such as a stressful change in someones life, at work, or receiving bad news. Often acute insomnia resolves without any treatment.

Chronic insomnia is a long-term pattern of disrupted sleeping. Insomnia is usually considered chronic if the person has difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep for at least three nights per week for a period of three months or longer. Some people with chronic insomnia will have a long history of difficulty with sleeping.

Comorbid insomnia is a type insomnia that occurs with another conditions such as anxiety and depression. Certain medical conditions can either cause insomnia or make a person uncomfortable at night as in the case of arthritis or back pain, which may make it hard to sleep.

Onset Insomnia is when someone has difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night but once asleep will usually stay asleep.

Maintenance insomnia is when someone would have difficulty in staying asleep, often waking in the night and then struggling to go back to sleep.

When we fall asleep we experience something called the "REM sleep cycle"

During the REM sleep cycle our brains work 4 times harder than when we are awake to process our day to day thoughts and organise our memories.

When we are deprived of sleep the build up of these thoughts and memories can make it increasingly difficult to sleep.

Hypnotherapy for insomnia can be a great tool to help clear some space in the mind and help your sleep improve.

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Client Reviews

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Meet Nicola

Having experienced problems with sleeping for over 20 years my GP suggested I try hypnotherapy. With no idea of what to expect or how it would work I can honestly say that I have found the experience to be incredibly positive and enlightening. I now feel in a much better place in my life, not only in terms of my sleeping but unexpectedly I have also regained my positive, can do approach to life - something I hadn’t realised I had lost over the last few years.
I would highly recommend Bobby to anyone needing help coping with any of life’s challenges…it is an incredibly positive experience and something I know I will always be able to draw upon going forward.

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Meet Finlay

great guy, really helped me with my sleeping problems and get back to something more sustainable as well as reducing the intensity of my thoughts on a day to day basis.

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Meet Nicola G

Great experience - sorted out my sleep anxiety. Would thoroughly recommend Bobby. Thank you.

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Meet Emma

I had been to a hypnotist before for anxiety but found them very unhelpful. Bobby however is brilliant! Makes you feel totally at ease from the moment you meet him. And I’m a completely different person now. He explains things in such a way that just makes sense of how your crazy brain is working. Definitely recommend to anyone that needs to change their way of thinking for whatever reason. 

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