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Solution Focused 


With Bobby Jon Hook

Clinical Hypnotherapist DHP, DSFH, AfSFH, NCH

Clinical Hypnotherapy In Cheltenham, backed up by brain based science, its logical and makes complete sense

Meet Bobby

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello, my name is Bobby and I am a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, practicing solution focused hypnotherapy in Cheltenham and across the Cotswolds.

I specialise in helping clients with Anxiety,  Depression, Weight Management, Insomnia and Smoking Cessation, using a wide range of modern and well researched techniques, all of which are backed up by brain-based science.

I trained at the accredited Clifton Practice in Bristol and I’m registered with the relevant bodies including the AfSFH (Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy) and the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy). I am also the director of The Regency Practice in Cheltenham.

Over the years that I have been practicing, I have found that Hypnotherapy tends to have a certain stigma attached to it. People usually associate hypnotherapy with TV hypnosis. I really enjoy showing and teaching people that this is not the case.

When you work with me, you learn a life skill that you take away to use time and time again. Not only will you benefit from understanding yourself, it’s a learning process that you can then pass on to others too.

What Clients Think


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Mike Tatum

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Let me send you my in-depth consultation video so you can find out exactly how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works.

Client Reviews

Over 40 Five Star Reviews 

hypnotherapy cheltenham

After smoking for 14 years I went to see Bobby. After one session I haven't smoked again and that is 2 1/2 years ago. After such success with that I have seen Bobby for various other problem areas in life. He has always helped relieve stress and open to door to making better more positive decisions. Couldn't recommend him more highly for any issues you may be suffering. 

Peter Geddes

hypnotherapy cheltenham

I had been to a hypnotist before for anxiety but found them very unhelpful. Bobby however is brilliant! Makes you feel totally at ease from the moment you meet him. And I’m a completely different person now. He explains things in such a way that just makes sense of how your crazy brain is working. Definitely recommend to anyone that needs to change their way of thinking for whatever reason. 

Emma Ingram

hypnotherapy in cheltenham

I am probably one of the biggest sceptics ever, but I had to stop smoking! I went to see Bobby with an open mind, this was my last chance and happily it worked. Only 5 weeks but I no longer think of smoking at those certain times, morning, after a meal or the last one before bedtime. I have not substituted a cigarette with anything else, it’s almost as though I’ve never smoked.  

Lyn Davison

hypnotherapy cheltenham

What can I say, this guy is amazing! He gave me the tools I needed to get me onto a sure footing. I cannot thank him enough. At 63 years of age you would think one would know better but he taught me so much. How I wish I'd met him years ago, my life would have made more sense. On I go into the future taking one day at a time, having fun but if not then knowing what to do to shift my thinking and feelings to a better place. 

Peter Scott-Jones

Changing The Way You Think

By Teaching You To Think Differently

What To Expect 

A hypnotherapy session is very relaxed and is guided by the client so that they can create positive solutions. When we work together we will concentrate on what's been good about the week.

Solution focused hypnotherapy does not analyse or become absorbed in the past as we can't change what's happened and instead we focus on how the client wants to feel in the present, what they want from the future and the small steps they can take to achieve this.

During the session, I teach the client how the brain works so they can understand exactly what is causing the perceived problems in our lives, what makes us feel the way we do in these situations and more importantly what we need to do to overcome them.

Week by week we work together taking little steps in order to reach the clients goal.

Hypnosis is extremely relaxing and is done with positive guided imagination. My clients are always aware of what is happening and are able to react and respond at all times. Clients generally feel positive when they leave leading to them thinking clearer and making rational choices in life that can be of benefit to their future. 

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